Why use the Green Smoke?
The Green Smoke electronic cigarette is definitely a cutting edge device which looks, feels and tastes like a real cigarette. Cigarettes include more than 4,000 dangerous chemicals, most of which are well known to cause cancer. By using this green smoke electronic cigarette you will have the opportunity to get 100 % nicotine satisfaction and is a great alternative to cigarettes. Before you purchase this product, it is important to check Green Smoke reviews to understand how you can benefit from using it and also how it can satisfy your nicotine cravings.
With many health and legal issues associated with cigarettes, these electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly more popular and the green smoke electronic cigarette is one if the best available today. The green smoke's eco-friendly practices and durability always makes them the stand alone option as an alternative to tobacco.

How the Green Smoke saves you $

Now is the time to try an alternative to ash, foul odor, problems and additional limitations linked to tobacco cigarettes by trying out the green smoke today. Green Smoke will give you the freedom to smoke almost anywhere you want. While we're talking about green, would you like to save as much as 60%? The nicotine cartridge will cost you just $3.00 and can last as much as 20 to 30 cigarettes. When you consider all the increase in price for tobacco and the added taxes, this could add up to a substantial savings when you use the green smoke electronic cigarette.
Due to a revolutionary two piece design of this electronic cigarette, you can say goodbye to clogged atomizers and messy liquids. It is as easy as screwing off the filter cartridge of the green smoke and then replacing it with a brand-new one. The filter cartridges come with a built-in clean and fresh atomizer, which provides a much better consistency and smoke vapor.
When you are using these electronic cigarettes, you can start to benefit from the freedom of smoking almost anywhere. It will be your Green Smoke, your decision to enjoy it whenever you want a smoke break.

How the Green smoke works.
You will get 2 pieces when you order a green smoke electronic cigarette; a chargeable battery with LED lighting at the end to mimic the real cigarette, plus a filter cartridge which consists of nicotine solution and atomizer. When you puff on the green smoke a sensor in the battery will activate the atomizer within the cartridge, which heats up the nicotine solution to form a water vapor that feels and looks like real smoke.
This is an innovative, but very easy process that will allow the Green Smoke to provide the most lifelike smoking experience.
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Introducing the green smoke electronic cigarette.